Blogroll series – participants in Partnership to Success.

This is the first installment in a series of posts which will never leave me out of content or ideas about what to write about.

Hopefully, some of you will find it interesting and useful too.

The task for week 4 in John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success” is to look at other participants’ blogs and leave comments to their posts.

I will do so, but, even more, I will give summaries and general comments on other participants’ blogs in a series of posts here on MY blog.

This is not meant to be any critic, just my observations about the first impression, how long participant, posting frequency, monetization, interesting (to me) headlines, and the About page.

The selection is done from the links to blogs showing up in the sidebar of my blog, which renews randomly at every reload of the page.

The Name/Logo for each listing links to the About pages, and the screenshots to the blogs’ homepages.

With that, let’s roll with the first installment in this series of posts about other participants in John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success”

Marshall Baldwin

Not much more to tell than that his blog doesn’t load for me. Google’s saved copy shows the latest post “Fears, Frustrations and Failures” from September 20, 2018.
I hope Marshall is OK and just forgot to renew is domain.

Stuart is a veteran of P2S and also in life. His archive goes back to October 2017 with the latest post made on January 13, 2019. I hope that Stuart’s health problems as described on his About page is not preventing him from making new posts. I can also very much relate to his words about losing a pet.
Stuart focuses on “How to …” posts, short enough to read and remember.

Adam’s Story is one about a real entrepreneur. Newcomer to P2S in January 2019 and stated in his latest post (on February 23, 2019): “I have been a little preoccupied the last couple of weeks and have not managed to post as much as I would have liked“. Did Adam give up P2S or just temporary busy with a more urgent project?

WOW, just WOW! Shane published his Welcome page on February 2, 2019, and have already a wonderful blog with plenty of posts. List-building with one of John’s magnets with an “upsell” to Aaron Danker’s “Sales Machine”. Would be interesting to know the success of his blog so far? I suppose Shane is now busy with creating his own product? Only a couple of flaws. Site not secured with SSL (https) and post-comments deactivated.

Hae Field joined P2S in late 2017, seemingly with a blog existing already from 2014 and heavy monetized with everything possible (Adsense, Amazon, Affiliate offers, etc.). Posts not dated and a lack of https gives a serious Google warning when trying to visit the “About Hae Fields” page. I had myself the intention to use an existing blog when joining P2S but was kindly encouraged by Randy Smith to start a new to follow the course program.

Tasleem Khan – “Today I run an eBay shop, sell on Amazon and a part-time Internet Marketer, no internet millionaire, but do make a passive income online”. Another blog with an older layout, not according to the recommendations in P2S. And unsecured. No dates on the posts but the latest seems to be from March 2016. Latest comment (by Nick Everest) is from October 6, 2016). The subscription form is connected to Getresponse, but no email received.

Johnny’s blog is also somewhat of age and made not fully according to the latest recommendations in P2S. It is not GDPR compliant and unsecured. The subscription form gives zero feedback after entering name and email. Latest post on June 12, 2019. Its Copyscape result (8 results found for the text you pasted. 128 words) might not impress Google much. And comments are closed.

Luisa Drummond

This domain name expired on 2019-06-18 10:48:21


Boby “Bob from Bama” Wiggins a Navy veteran (just like me) who seems to be a few weeks ahead in P2S. There are already banners to John’s and partner’s products blasted all over the blog, even on the “About page”. Still a few posts, the latest from June 4, 2019, but with Bob’s long experience from online marketing, I’m sure his own product created here in Partnership to Success, will be a killer. Subscription form (Aweber) works fine with double optin.

Debbie McInturff, where are you? Your latest post is from December 13, 2018. The one before that on August 10, 2018, and regular post until then from April 2018. Debbie, if you still are around, remember what you wrote in this post: NEVER GIVE UP!! Autoresponder (Aweber) works like it should with double optin.

That’s all, folks. At least for this week.

With that, I have visited ten random blogs from the blogroll over other participants in John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success”. Stand by for the next installment in this series of partner-blog presentations.

If you find this somewhat interesting and useful, or even if not, please leave a comment below and also connect by subscribing to updates. It means a lot to me as a beginner here.

    8 replies to "P2S Blogroll – Part One"

    • Graham Forrest

      Great idea, Karl.
      I’ve been going through my sidebar blogroll, too – but to document it in this way is classic!
      It actually pains me to see so many blogs that have apparently been abandoned, are on terrible hosting or just don’t work at all.
      I’m still waiting for several comments to be approved from last week, too. Hopefully, all of these folks are OK and just taking a rest. But people need to keep going or they lose the momentum that they’ve worked so hard for, moving their blog up the rankings.
      Never give up. Never!

      • karlgadmin

        Thanks, Graham! I’m glad that you appreciate my approach. And, yes, as you mentioned, it can be used both as a stimulation and as a warning at the same time. Now, I will watch out for your blog to show up in my sidebar 😉

    • Linda

      Hi Karl,

      I want to congratulate you on your brilliant idea – you’ve taken blog networking to a whole new level! I, for one, am always open to some constructive criticism. Sharing and receiving feedback is part of how we as fellow Partnership to Success members can help each other grow.

      I will definitely follow this series!

      • karlgadmin

        Thanks, Linda, for your comment and appreciation! The wide range of progress (and, probably, with that success) among P2S participants is quite clear already after this first ten blogs. I’m mulling a change of selection method to prioritize those who comment on each post. So, watch out for the next installment, your blog might be there ;-). Did you, by the way, subscribe to updates? I don’t see you in Aweber. Maybe something that doesn’t work?

        • Graham Forrest

          Strangely enough, I’m thinking about doing that, too, Karl.
          It’s no use linking to a blog that isn’t good, is it? So my intention is to link and interact with up to 20 blogs that are active and run by the people who are going to win.
          I know I’m very critical about the abandoned blogs – but why should I let my site be associated with people who aren’t going to make it because they give up?
          I want the winners for my visitors! Because they do, too!

        • Linda

          Hi Karl,

          Thanks for reminding me, I’ve subscribed and everything works fine.

    • Chris

      Cool way for ideas ☺

      • karlgadmin

        Thanks, Chris! Working on the second installment now and I believe you just “secured” your inclusion.

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