Starting my “digital journey”

My digital journey towards my present interest in Internet Marketing started as an officer in the Navy, trained on, at that time, the latest technologies for C3 systems (Communication and Combat Control). Actually with more analog than digital technology behind its user interface.

c3 center-swedish-navy-norrkoping-class
C3 center of a Swedish Navy Norrköping class torpedo/missile ship

For home use, I bought an Atari PC and learned the basics of C and BASIC.

Atari PC in 1970-ish

I’m quite sure that if I’ve been born 10 years later, I would have studied computer science instead of chemistry as I did before joining the Navy.

From water-waves to radio-waves

Having left the Navy after 17 years, I was blessed with the opportunity to join the mobile (cellular for you Americans) revolution, building networks and services for the Nordic Mobile Telephony NMT450 and NMT900 mobile (cellular) phones. Still with analog transmissions.

Mobile/cellular phones NMT450 and 900

In the office, we used mainframe technology with workstations and hardcoded databases for subscriber maintenance and billing. (a flexibility-hell in itself)

I also got the first laptop PC’s for use “on the road”, with telephone modems, also over cellular, for connection to our office main-frames.

Compaq early laptops

The digital revolution

When the time came for the full digitalization of mobile telephony with the GSM technology, my professional direction was more into marketing and use of technology than into the technology itself. But, like in the Navy, a thorough knowledge of technology was needed to design and explain usable and efficient interfaces and packaging of services.

Starting my first Online Shop

My interest in Internet Marketing kicked-off for real only after I left the telecom industry and started my own business.

I rented a VPS to host my first Internet-shop to support our family business and learned the elementary commands for Ubuntu on Apache, SQL, HTML, and PHP for installing and running the shop. And in the process got hooked, again not on the coding itself but what you can create and achieve with those combinations of characters in a file uploaded to your server.

WordPress, SaaS and “Shiny Objects”

Then, I discovered WordPress with all its plugins and themes plus the plethora of online and offline software for SEO and other tasks. And, as they say, the rest is history.

My life online changed to becoming a chaser of the latest “shiny objects”, promising less work and more income. In reality, however, I never spent that much time online and never that much money without getting anything in return except for some occasional dollars from Google Adsense. My head spun with new business ideas at the same pace as new offers of courses and software filled up my inbox and my hard drive.

I jumped from one money-making or time-saving program to another while collecting white-label-, reseller-, developer-, PLR-, and MMR, or whatever license that would allow me to distribute those products to other chasers of “shiny objects”. Like a drug addict wanting to become a pusher to sustain his own addiction.

The “IM Connector”

Finally, a year ago, I managed to organize my, by now, HUUUGE (and growing) collection of online marketing tools into a site as a sellable proposition ready to connect tool-seekers with the instruments they need (or just want) to achieve success in their online ventures.

I also joined John Thornhill’s famous “Partnership 2 Success” to, under John’s and my other mentor, Steven “Warlord” Alvey’s, tutorship, get my Internet marketing product off the ground and get more out from this my, so far, hobby.

This blog is a part of the P2S project and you are welcome to follow and comment on my journey, maybe saving yourself paying the full fee.

If you, however, would like to get a taste of the kind of training John offer, his “Product Creation Workshop (Evergreen Webinar)” is a great and low-cost way to start.