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Bloggers Roadmap
Bloggers Roadmap

The Holy Grail for any blogger is to write epic content. Dan Sumner describes it like this in his book “Bloggers Roadmap”:

When it comes to writing content, it must be epic. When I say epic I mean your content should be awesome in a way to make people want to read it, share it, talk about it and come back for more.

Dan Sumner in “Bloggers Roadmap”

“Share it and come back for more,” that’s the key to become an influencer and to make money online.

How do you make sure that you cover Dan Sumner’s five most important tasks for written content as below when you don’t write in your own language?

  1. Are there spelling errors or grammatical mistakes?
  2. Am I staying on topic or filling it with fluff?
  3. Am I getting my message across to the reader?
  4. Am I inviting comments throughout the post or at the end to enable interaction?
  5. Is my post set in a readable format using extra features such images, bullets and numbered lists to aid?

My tools for creating Epic Content in a foreign language

Here are the tools and methods I use for ticking off the yes-boxes for each of the questions above when I write in English (which is not my native language). Please feel free to list yours in the comments below.

1. I mainly use Grammarly for spelling- and grammar- checks. There is a free version but I do recommend the paid premium version for the reasons you’ll see in the table below from the excellent Grammarly Review 2019. I pay $139.95 ($11.66/month) for the Premium subscription.

I have also just bought Copywritely through a special offer on AppSumo but didn’t use it enough yet to judge. It can be a useful complement to Grammarly thanks to its more extensive SEO functions and that is works in twelve different languages.

I previously used White Smoke and Ginger for grammar check but found them too intrusive and interfering with other programs. Hemingway is right for grammar- and readability- checks but lack the number of integrations and plagiarism check provided by Grammarly.

Here is a helpful evaluation of the Best Grammar Checker 2019

2 and 3. The best way to judge if your post is on topic, without fluff and getting your message across is to let someone whose opinion you trust read it and tell you. The word-count functions in Grammarly and Copywritely might also help.

Content Curation is a great way to create content in a foreign language since you can use snippets and quotes from native content creators.

4. Please comment below.

5. Using images and videos helps a lot when creating epic content in a foreign language.

Statue of Johannes Gutenberg

The Gutenberg WordPress editor, included from version 5.0, has made adding images and video to a post a breeze and you can easily make your content visually attractive without an extra page-builder. If I want to do something extra with the content, my favorite WP page builders are Elementor, Thrive Architect, Optimize Press and DIVI from Elegant Themes. On this my personal blog, I use Optimize Press 2.0 as recommended for the Partnership to Success program.

My additional take on Epic Content Creation in a foreign language

Epic Content, in any language, must also be unique. But how to write unique epic content in the Internet marketing niche where almost certainly every possible subject and angle have been turned outside and in thousands of times by other writers?

I will do it the Connector’s way by …

  • Connecting needs with solutions.
  • Connecting questions with answers.
  • Connecting beginners with experienced advisors.
  • Connecting tasks with tools.

The red thread in my posts on this blog will be TOOLS. Digital tools, Internet marketing tools, online tools, courses, and tutorials. I will present the many tools in my tool-box, which tasks they have and which problems they solve.

With that, I urge you once again to connect by commenting below with your tips on how to create epic content in a foreign language and also check out the ABOUT ME page.

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