For sure, it is possible to make money online as a beginner, but it takes either money or work to start.

Let me describe a good way to jump on the online marketing train and start earning, even if no one knows you online and without having any email list to send offers to.

This is no new method at all. It has no glamour but is also not complicated. It is, however, proven to make you money online.

Shortly, it’s about PLR, either created by yourself or you have it created for you. Then you sell it as on WSO or on JVZoo.

You will make money from this if you do it right.

Don’t bother about the common niches like health, dating, or weight-loss. And selling your PLR product through WarriorPlus or JVZoo will bring you the best buyers.

By becoming a PLR creator and seller, you will piggy-back on all the make-money-online courses out there, recommending using PLR of good quality.

To find the right topic for your PLR, look at what is being promoted now and in upcoming launches. Digital marketing products come in waves – sometimes it can be social media that is hot, then maybe video marketing will replace it, and so on. Watch out for trending topics and top-selling products and find a sub- or complementary topic for your PLR. Warrior Forum and JVZoo are great places to start your search. Use MuchEye to find future product launches.

Amazon- and Facebook-related products are always attractive, as is anything about local marketing.

Don’t bother with ebooks, the market for those is saturated and too full of sub-par products. Don’t call your product PLR even if you are offering the resell rights. Call it something like “strategy” or “method”.

Break the content into sections using big, bold fonts for the headings.

Ideally, your content can be broken into blog posts or emails or used together as a dynamite lead magnet or blueprint.

Add in images to break up big blocks of text.

Add in images to break up big blocks of text.

If you’re outsourcing, you can get everything, including sales page and graphics, done for about $500.

You could create PLR videos if that’s your thing or even PLR software.

If you purchase software creation software, which is software that allows you to produce your own software, you can produce new PLR software every week if you like. All you need are good ideas for what kind of PLR software you want to create, and your first WSO should pay for the initial software.

PLR is the perfect way to get involved in the make money online market because you need no prior experience or track record.

And if you like, the PLR rights can actually be the upsell to the product. For example, you might sell the end product with personal use only for $9, and then offer the PLR rights as an upsell for $17.

If you’re stuck for ideas, just see what’s selling well and then find a way to re-invent it or come to it from another angle.

You can certainly make a $1,000 each time you do this if you pick the right topic and have a good sales letter. Be sure to place a sample within the sales letter, so that people can see the great quality of the product.

And do you know who will become your best customers? The people who already purchased a PLR package from you.

Each month you’ll be building your list of buyers. And each time you release a new PLR package, you can email your list of buyers first to let them know, and also encourage them to become affiliates for you, too.

That’s why if you consistently put out at least one PLR package per month, your income should grow larger with each subsequent month.

Yes, it’s an old school method of making money, and it does take work to make the PLR or resources to get it done for you. And it’s not glamorous, either. But it can be really good money.

    2 replies to "How to Make Money Online Without A Track-Record"

    • Lainie

      Hi Karl,

      You’ve hit the nail on the head with this post. So many people don’t realise how they can actually make money online with writing their own products and then up selling them as a PLR Product. There is certainly lots of money to be earned by doing this.

      It may be old school but it’s worked for years and years.

      Thanks for sharing
      Lainie x

      • karlgadmin

        Thanks, Lainie, for noticing!

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