This is the second post in which I look at other members’ blogs and give some general comments about, e.g. how long participant, posting frequency, monetization, interesting (to me) headlines, and the About page.

Hopefully, some of you will find it interesting and useful too.

This is not meant to be any critic, just my observations and, hopefully, some of you will comment upon it.

I select the blogs randomly from the list in the sidebar and also “reward” the first to comment with the inclusion in the next review post.

The Name/Logo for each listing links to the About page, and the screenshots to the blogs’ homepage.

With that, let’s roll with the second post in this series about other participants’ blogs in John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success”

David (not Dave) Wakeman seems to be a P2S veteran from 2017. Frequent poster. Beautiful custom Home page (built with Focustheme from Thrive-Themes) with a nice pop-up for the lead-magnet. Separate blog-archive page. Social connect buttons missing. Banner-links open in the same window and take visitors away from the site. Not sure which of the promoted products is his own. SnapApp SEO-score: 9/100.

Graham presents a fascinating story on his About-page. A generous Scot! with a Navy-background (just like mine, but different navies) and plenty of life-experience. Posts not dated but seems to have joined P2S recently. An honorary remark for being the first P2S-peer making a comment to my first P2S Blogroll post. SnapApp SEO-score: 11/100

Linda from Saskatoon (where also one of my class-mates from Sweden lives) joined P2S in April 2019 and seems to follow the training as a good and potentially successful student should. Blog monetized with Adsense and John’s products. Posts describing her progress in P2S. Useful for anyone thinking about joining. SnapApp SEO-score: 6/100

Christopher (Chris) Ramirez joined P2S in April 2019. Took some time off in postings during May and June, but is back in July with some affiliate reviews. Something strange with some images (for example the logo) being blocked by ad-blockers on Chrome and Opera. Error in the optin: “Invalid recaptcha token. Verification failed.” Also, the common problem with the site-icon display on the front-end. Social media connect-buttons in place. SnapApp SEO-score: 8/100

Tarnell “Manic Madness Marketing” Brown apparently joined P2S in February 2019 and have since then made 3 posts, the latest on March 18. No monetization on site. Did Tarnell take a long timeout after week 4 in Partnership to Success? The optin errors with ” Invalid recaptcha token. Verification failed.”, but it might be a problem with my browser. SnapApp SEO score: 7/100

Dawud is a true entrepreneur, cat lover, and IM connector active in many groups on Facebook. Judging from its posting frequency since starting in February 2019, his P2S blog is not his main focus. The latest post from April 17. P2S monetization in place, complemented with the promotion of Dawud’s own “Elite Tigers Group” advertising network service.
SnapApp SEO score: 8/100

Jeff is a strong-man who seems to have both started and quit P2S in 2015. Latest post from September that year. FB-page gone. Twitter empty. Blog hosted with d9 on a server in the Netherlands with some connection problems. Mailing-list not active. What happened to Jeff?

George K, an online veteran since 1997 (about the same as I) joined P2S in February 2019 for a comeback online. Nine posts, the latest from March 2019. No social media connectors and no monetization. Blog hosted on a server in Sweden. Mailing-list with Aweber seems to work but the confirmation mail apparently lost somewhere in cyberspace. Let’s hope for George to come back.

Marlene, a Nordic neighbor and a “technical goddess” according to a customer testimonial on her LinkedIn page (Marlene is also active on FB and Pinterest). Joined P2S in August 2018 and made 12 interesting and well-written posts since then (the latest at the end of March 2019). Seems to be a model-student in P2S.

Ian Sharp

That’s all for today, folks. I already believe that my reviews of blogs belonging to members of John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success” will paint a representative image of an average Internet blogger/worker. Some persistent and successful and others giving up, maybe just before the finishing line (if any such exists within Internet marketing).

What do you think? Please comment below and you will be included in the next P2S Blogroll post.

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